Optimize Your Google Ads (Non-profits and Start-ups) – Digital Live with Kayla Henneman

This is Kayla Henneman, a Google Ads guru!

Kayla Henneman was our guest on Digital Live (every Thursday at 6pm on our Facebook page! She gave us 5 tips to optimize Google Ads for start-ups and non-profit organizations. We discussed much more than just that in the interview, so make sure to watch the full video below.

I’m only going to list 2 out of 5 tips from the interview (read the rest on Kayla’s blog or watch the interview above).

Kayla’s Background

Kayla Henneman graduated in April 2020 with a degree in Marketing from Eastern Michigan University. She is a digital marketing intern at AdAdapted, a company that uses consumer grocery shopping data to provide insights to consumer packaged goods brands. In her time at EMU, she took Bud Gibson’s class on Google Ads, which gave her hands-on experience on managing ads for a non-profit organization.

Tips to Optimize Google Ads for Non-profits and Start-ups

  • Choose Your Landing Page Wisely – Google’s Smart Campaigns use whatever landing page you choose as the basis for the search terms associated with your ad. It’s also important to make the best first impression you can on people who click on your ad.
  • Product Description/Business Category=Your Keywords – Speaking of how Google determines your search terms, this is another really important factor. Choose carefully to get the search terms you want and make sure they match your landing page.
  • Read the other 3 tips on Kayla’s blog!

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