Intern Spotlight 2020 Highlights

During the last five weeks of the Digital Summer Clinic, we launched an Instagram Live series, Intern Spotlight, to highlight the unique experiences of 9 interns.
Check out the highlights of each episode below:


2020 Western Michigan University Graduate | Marketing
Madison learned many things during her time in the Digital Summer Clinic and at LoanSense that have impacted her career goals. She worked on affiliate marketing, content creation, video production, and email campaigns which helped her build skills that will help her in the future. Madison even noted that because of this internship her LinkedIn has gained so much traffic!
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2020 Western Michigan University Graduate | Food and Consumer Packaged Goods Marketing
During her internship, Samantha McGrath worked for BSchool Travel as a Digital Media Specialist designing, building, and maintaining there social media presence against KPIs. The weekly all-hands meetings were helpful for Samantha because she was inspired by listening to the journeys of industry professionals starting off in many different areas and ending up in unique careers.
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2020 Eastern Michigan University Graduate | Public Relations
Aric worked for AuraLab creating content to market their app Breathscape. His favorite part of the Clinic was being able to work with the mentoring team. In his episode, he mentioned how working with Jamie Ward, Eric Wortman, and Bud Gibson has been extremely helpful for professional development.
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2020 Eastern Michigan University Graduate | Communication & Marketing
Blake spent his time in the internship creating all types of content for Phoenix Performance Partners on their social media platforms. He has a passion for sports and sports marketing/consulting, so he reached out to Eric Wortman, a Clinic mentor, for help and advice. He noted that working with the mentor team has been one of his favorite experiences so far!
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Eastern Michigan Univesity Senior 2021 | Public Relations
After graduating from Washtenaw Community College, Kylie started public relations courses at Eastern Michigan University. During her internship with ProjectSynergy, she has learned so much about content creation and key messaging for their website. Kylie’s job as a Podcast Writer for the Eastern Echo, EMU’s on-campus newspaper, has always helped her in her internship when she had to interview clients for testimonials.
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2020 Eastern Michigan University Graduate | Marketing
Gabby spent her internship working for Passive Bolt & Shepherd Lock, but also engaging in all the professional development activities that Clinic has us engage in.  In her episode, she gave some great advice on how to approach expanding your network on LinkedIn by reaching out to industry professionals. Gabby suggests doing some research on the person you are trying to connect with, find a common interest and lead with that.
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2020 Eastern Michigan University Graduate | Public Relations
During his time in the Clinic, Kevin spent his time interning at TechStak, a tech-focused matchmaking service that connects businesses to vetted technology providers in IT, cybersecurity, digital marketing, and more. His favorite experience in the Clinic was growing his LinkedIn network by finding, connecting, and learning from industry professionals.
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Eastern Michigan University Junior 2022 | Marketing
Tiarra spent her time in the Digital Summer Clinic doing customer relationship management projects for Perisense. Before this internship, Tiarra did not have a lot of experience working with CRM databases and learned so much by utilizing Hubspot. Her favorite project was embedding a customized chatbox feature using a javascript code, which will help Perisense communicate live with their customers.
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University of Michigan Junior 2022 | Software Engineering
Jonathan worked with LeaseMagnets, which was founded by a fellow U of M student, during his in the Digital Summer Clinic. He described that this experience allowed him to find his voice and grow confident, but also allowed him to learn valuable skills that he was able to apply in his personal projects.
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