Digital Live Recap: Episode 4 – Building Your Network Online

Our guests this week for Digital Live (every Wednesday at 6:00pm) were Harry Bhogal, Gabbie Miller, and Johnny Rodriguez. Check out the episode here:


Episode Recap:


Harry Bhogal graduated from EMU in 2019 with a major in Business Administration and a concentration in Computer Information Systems. He worked as a Field Manager for the CDE, and today he is working as a Solutions Architect at Coupa Software. Gabbie Miller graduated from EMU in 2018 with degrees in Communications and Marketing. She worked as a Marketing Communications Manager for the CDE and interned at TrueJob through the Digital Summer Clinic. Today, she is working as a Marketing Assistant for Awe Luv Media. Johnny Rodriguez graduated from EMU last semester with a major in Digital Media Production and a minor in Marketing. After being accepted into the DSC in 2020, Johnny began working with Phoenix Partners, where he still works today. He also hosts a podcast where he talks about stock picks and NFTs.

In this episode, we wanted to bring on some of our former interns skilled in networking to give advice on how to make those valuable connections in the digital world. Here are some of the pointers our guests gave: 

Networking Tips:

  • Put yourself out there – You can make connections that can lead to your dream job under almost any circumstances. Harry made the connection that led to his role at Coupa Software while he hosted an event at EMU’s College of Business. Our Executive in Residence, Eric Wortman, actually served his future boss drinks during a shift while he was working as a bartender. That interaction got him his start at Google, where he is now working as a Senior Account Manager.
  • Be friendly – When making professional connections, it is important to remember basic things like being nice! Gabbie credits her robust LinkedIn profile to simple acts of kindness, such as congratulating people or sharing their posts. She says that when you put in the extra effort to say something nice to people you want to connect with, they will almost always respond well.
  • For more tips, check out the full episode!

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